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People who suffer from hair loss due to genetic reasons, the age advance, accident, burns etc. can get a hair transplant.

Hair transplant is a surgical operation. For this reason, before the treatment, some tests are carried out and, if necessary, the approval of the doctor who knows about the patient's health history is requested. It does not matter the age or sex to do hair transplant treatment but the local anesthesia can cause allergy in some people. Therefore, those who want to have this treatment need to have consultations with their doctor. After the doctor's approval, the hair transplant can be done without any problem.

There is no exact age that could be defined, it may vary from person to person but hair loss due to genetic reasons continues in men up to 35 years old. People who are treated before 35 years should be explained this situation and the possibility of needing a second or third session in the future. Apart from this point there is no age limit for hair transplantation.

Before the treatment it is necessary to make a consultation with the hair transplant specialist and do a hair analysis. This analysis allows them to assess the hair type and the hair loss type, the donor area, the size of the area that suffers from hair loss and, depending on the results of the analysis, the specialists make a decision about the treatment process.

The hair type affects the success of the hair transplant. People who have a thick hair can be transplanted with fewer hair follicles and with more success and the treatment takes less time. On the other hand for the people who have thin hair more follicles are needed and the treatment takes longer.

The time that the hair transplant procedure takes varies according to the number of grafts. A typical session of between 3000 to 4000 grafts normally involves a full day (between 5-8 hours) of surgery on an out patient basis.

Before the hair transplant process a local anaesthetic is given to patients in both the recipient and donor areas with an injection for 30-60 seconds.

Due to the local anaesthetic that is given to pacients they do not feel any pain or discomfort during the surgery. The pain is usually limited to injection of local anesthesia. Most patients are pleasantly surprised by how minimal the discomfort from the surgical procedure is.

A natural looking hair transplant relies on a number of different factors, from the quality of the procedure to the quality of the donor area. If an appropriate treatment procedure is carried out by an experted team the transplanted hair looks completely natural.

Hair transplantation is a very serious treatment procedure and it has to be done by a doctor and a specialist team in a hospital or in a clinic that has the right base. Otherwise the patient may suffer a loss of whole hair or problems with the scalp.

In general, a single session is sufficient for hair transplantation but the number of sessions is specified according to the hair analysis, the situation of the donor area or the extensity of the hair loss suffering area. If a second transplant is warranted, patients are advised to wait at least 6 to 8 months after the first transplant before considering a second.

There are two main technology used in Hair Transplant: FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Both procedures do not require general anesthesia and aim to get the same results at the end but are fundamentally very different types of surgery. The difference between these two techniques is the way of hair extraction.

FUE (follicular unit extraction) is a type of hair transplant surgery that involves extracting individual hair follicles from a donor part of the body, usually the sides and back of the head. These individual follicles are then implanted in the areas that are affected. The FUE technique does not involve any risk of pain, injury, infection, bleeding, scars, etc. FUE technique makes possible that you get the best results to have a natural look and it does not leave the obvious and typical scars after treatment that strip surgery does. The follicles that are extracted with this technique are used 100% for the transplantation.

Cases of advanced hair loss, FUT is the preferred method because it allows the physician to fully utilize the scalp area to deliver results consistent with patient expectations.

After FUE, the second most known technique for hair transplantation is FUT and it is preferred in cases of advanced hair loss. During FUT treatment, a strip of the scalp is excised from the donor area, which is typically located on the back of the head. The main advantage of this method is that 90% of the follicles that are extracted can be used for transplantation and the follicles loss is between 5-8%. On the other hand FUT technique often leaves a linear scar at the site where the donor strip is excised. Additional FUT treatments can result in stretching of the scalp which can exacerbate the appearance of the linear scar. Due to the progress in FUE method, most of the clinics prefer to perform the hair transplant treatment using the FUE technique.

Before making a previous consultation it is not possible to determine an exact cost of a hair transplant. After the hair analysis the specialists value the number of sessions, the technique and the materials that will be used for the treatment and finally the cost is determined. If the donor area is large and the hair loss area is small the treatment will be more economic.

As of one week before the hair transplantation, do not consume alcohol or other dangerous substances. If possible, stop smoking the last 24 hours before the treatment. Do not take antidepressant medications, those that inhibit blood clotting, beta blockers and mao inhibitors (aurorix, etc.). Before the hair transplant surgery do not apply any medication to the scalp and wash your hair before treatment. After washing your hair do not use gelatin or spray. Try not to consume coffee or any type of food or drink that contains caffeine one day before treatment.

The first wash should be done three days after the hair transplant treatment. You should not swim in the sea or in the pool from the first 15 days to one month. The hair transplanted area should be protected from intense sunlight. Do wash and shampoo your hair everyday after the initial wash at the clinic to remove any more dead skin and to clean the scabs around the grafted hairs. Cleaning the scabs will prevent them from damaging the hair follicles and thwarting hair growth. Use your fingerstips and the palms of the hands to wash your hair. You will have to use gentle pressure when cleaning the scalp. Allow the hair to dry once washed thoroughly, do not use hair dryer should.

After a hair transplant procedure there will be scabbing around each follicle. These scalp scabbs can last approximately 10 days before healing completely. The duration of this process may vary depending on the biological system of each one. The healing can be accelerated using the lotion recommended by the doctor and applying the necessary hair care.

The body causes the transplanted hair to fall out as a reaction to the trauma suffered in the scalp to make room for the solid hair that grows. This situation that is seen in the first 1-5 weeks after the hair transplant is called 'Shock Loss'. The amount of hair loss varies according to many factors, such as the hair transplant technique, the way of the doctor permorms this technique, the amount of transplanted hair, the structure of the scalp and the hair type.

After hair transplantation the hair should not be dyed for three months. At the end of this time if the hair seems strong enough and you do not have any problem with the scalp you can dye your hair.

Three months after the hair transplant surgery you can use products like hair gelatin, spray or wax. You should not use this type of product before three months.

You should not wear a cap for a month after the hair transplant surgery. If it is necessary to take it first you should consult with the doctor who performed the treatment.

The transplanted hair that grows during the three months after the hair transplant treatment will fall out. Generally time taken for hair growth after a hair transplant treatment varies from person to person but optimal results will begin to appear within four months to one year. From the fourth month the permanent hair starts to grow and at six months you will have 75% of the new hair and in a year 95%.

The follicles that are used for hair transplant are extracted from the back of the head and genetically the hair of this area does not fall out lifelong. For this reason, hair loss never occurs in the donor area or in the transplanted area.

The hair transplant does not cause any kind of health risk and it has not side effects. Only local anesthesia can have an allergic effect for some people. Before the hair transplant treatment the specialists do some tests in the clinic to reduce the risk.

Hair transplantation is not a treatment only for men. Women who want to get a hair transplant treatment first should consult with their doctor to know if they have any hormonal problems and also to know that if the thyroid glands work well or not. Athough the procedure can be a little more tricky than it is for men, women can also get a hair transplant treatment.

Hair transplantation is a serious treatment and should be done by a doctor or specialists in a clinic or hospital. Defective treatment can cause a strange appearance in the hair. It is very important that the follicles are placed in the proper direction. If the graft is not placed well the transplanted hair won't look natural or as thick. Also, a poorly done hair transplant can cause total hair loss. Follicles should be extracted carefully and damaged follicles should not be grafted.

Istanbul is one of the world’s leader in hair transplantation treatment. Although there are many successful clinics this situation does not mean that there are also some people without enough experience and knowledge to perform the hair transplant treatment. For this reason Estambul Estética is willing to help you to avoid any risk or problem advising you before, while and after the hair transplant procedure. We plan everything for you and our main purpose is ensure that you have a good experience in Istanbul and return to your country happy.

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